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About The Author

fbg_3Kariem Abdul Haqq lives in North St. Louis County with his faithful and loving wife Marilyn, and his beloved son Idris. He obtained a B.S. Degree in Economics from Missouri University – St. Louis (1980) and a Dual Master’s Degree in Finance and International Business from Webster University (1989).

He has had a passion for the study of ‘free market’ economics for a number of years. It started with a search for economic solutions for the problems confronting black people in particular, and the world in general. He studied socialism at first, but he soon realized that it demonstrated a lack of objectivity, sincerity, and integrity to study just one perspective. So Kariem Abdul Haqq started studying ‘free market’ economics, and that is when answer started coming.

Understanding how the economic and material world worked was like taking off dark sunglasses. Everything seemed so much clearer. He came to the conclusion that the proper knowledge and application of good economic theory can eliminate poverty, eliminate moral decline, reduce crime, prevent wars, and establish peace and justice. His objectives have been to seek truth wherever it is found and advocate freedom, justice, and equal opportunity for all. He believes in studying the past, living the present, and planning for the future. His motto is: “great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people.”

Kariem A. Haqq has written a book entitled The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Manual. This manual focuses on the ANTI-slavery movement in America starting with the Quakers and the Founding Fathers. It ends with the Abolitionist’s Movement and the Reconstruction Era. It is hoped that it will give proper respect and honor to the brave souls who, with our Creators’ help, unleashed overwhelming powerful forces to break the chains of bondage for four million slaves and their descendants.

The author believes that it is irresponsible and unwise for anyone to teach black American history without a thorough explanation of the Civil War, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. They represent the beginning of freedom and life, and the end of slavery and death. This period of history was at the root and formation of Black people’s ideological struggles and even differences today. Based upon dedicated detailed historic research, The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Manual, will serve as a resource to meet that need.

Kariem A. Haqq is not only an author, but he is also the founder of the 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement. It is based upon the author’s monumental book. This Movement is to promote a celebration week that educates as well as celebrates the beginning of freedom for ALL (and not just some) American citizens. The 13th Amendment marks the first time in American history that ALL, law abiding, Americans were legally freed.

Independence Day is incomplete without the 13th Amendment!