About The Freedom Week Manual

This manual explains the difference between Independence and Freedom. It recognizes the fact that many countries throughout the world celebrate their Independence, but few celebrate freedom, including America. That is because few countries have both independence and freedom at the same time. It is possible that a country could have both independence and freedom at the same time, or independence but not freedom, or neither independence nor freedom. In America, we celebrate Independence Day each year, but we have no occasion to celebrate ‘freedom’. The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement is designed to fill that void.

The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the cornerstone of this manual. It is the foundation upon which all other rights, privileges and responsibilities belonging to Black Americans in this country were built. The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Manual is written to provide an annual celebration week, during the week of December 6th that educates as well as celebrates the beginning of freedom for ALL (not just some) American citizens.

This manual focuses on the ANTI-slavery movement in America, starting with the Quakers and Founding Fathers, and includes the courageous actions of the slaves and freed slaves themselves. It is hoped that it will give proper respect and honor to the brave souls who, with God’s help, unleashed overwhelming powerful forces to break the chains of bondage for four million slaves and their descendants.

The manual is the foundation for the 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement and seeks to establish an annual weeklong celebration featuring something new to learn each day. It provides a consolidated and coherent system of knowledge that leads to a better understanding of the principles of freedom. It explains what freedom means, and it explains the difference between national independence and individual freedoms.

The manual outlines a seven day freedom celebration. On Day One, the manual’s focus is on outstanding abolitionists. On Day Two, it highlights the basic “forms” of government that may or may not contribute to freedom, justice, and equal opportunity. On Day Three, the manual highlights the various “kinds” of economic systems that may or may not also contribute to freedom, justice, and equal opportunity. On Day Four, the manual provides a list of historic documents that have contributed to freedom in America. On Day Five, an awards luncheon or dinner takes place, and an exercise or special project in genealogical research is encouraged. On Day Six, festivities, entertainment, and games are encouraged. And on Day Seven, “Guiding Principles for Reflection and Contemplation” are discussed.
The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Manual features and highlights the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. It also list members of the 38th Congress, the 39th Congress, and the 40th Congress who voted for or against these particular Amendments, respectfully. The manual is unique in that it the appendices includes a list of historical documents, for research purposes, that impacted the freedom movement in America.

Freedom is essential regardless of one’s race, religion or creed!