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Yellow is the sun that represents freedom because it shines on all humanity. It is associated with light, intellect and wisdom. Yellow is associated with awareness and understanding. It also represents a positive future and is associated with optimism.

freedomflagLight Blue is associated with knowledge and intellect. It represents the intelligence that controls the emotions. Blue represents truth. It is a symbol of heaven. It represents the blue sky, vastness, abundance and is associated with calmness, healing and a cooling effect. It represents water – rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. and is associated with nourishment. Blue is associated with rejuvenation and harmony. Light blue is the preferred color, not the darker blues that can allude to gloominess, sadness and loss.

Light green represents growth, prosperity and wealth. It is the color of nature and represents the earth. It is associated with the spring season, innocence, fertility, youth and hope. It alludes to eternal life, love and peace. It is associated with mental and physical relaxation. It represents freedom from depression and anxiety. Green represents renewal and rejuvenation. The color green comes from a harmonic blend of blue and yellow, and they all share certain characteristics.

The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Flag is not by any stretch of the imagination to rival the Stars and Stripes or any other flag. It is just a symbol of the Freedom Week celebration and if anything should honor Old Glory. The author considers himself an upstanding citizen and a patriot of this country. He respects the Stars and Stripes and for the good that it represents. He pledges his allegiance to the “Flag of the United States and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation Under God with liberty and justice for all. The phrase “Under God” is the most important and what makes everything else work. The author’s first allegiance is to God, The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, and all between. He feels that America will overcome her present problems and will regain her value to herself and to the world as long as she stays Under God.

“….Nor should we  permit our grievances  to overshadow our opportunities”Booker T. Washington

Freedom is essential regardless of one’s race, religion or creed!